February is Pet Dental Awareness Month

January 28, 2019

Your pet’s teeth are important to their overall health. While the majority of pets do not allow daily brushing, good oral care is very important. Bad breath is one of the most common complaints we receive.   Most pet’s bad breath is caused by bacteria in the mouth. The bacteria can come from plaque build up, tooth infection, dental disease or gum disease. Bacteria does not only cause odor, but can also cause damage to major organs like the heart and kidneys if left untreated. A yearly oral exam from the doctor is very important to spot signs. A dental cleaning is the best way to remove plaque build up and fully examine the mouth. Dental x-rays are an important tool to show what is going on under the gum line. Only part of the tooth is able to be seen.   X-ray allows us to see what the gums are hiding and gives indication as to the overall health of the teeth as well as future problems. After cleaning, dental treats and hard dog food can help to keep your pets teeth healthy, but treats alone is not enough to remove the plaque.

To help with providing a clean and healthy mouth, during the month of February, Advanced Veterinary Care is offering 10% off a dental and polish. 15% off a dental, polish and wellness blood work. 25% off a dental, polish, wellness blood work and full mouth x-ray.

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